Currently Vidyalaya running in the the building of Kashi Bai Kanya Pathshala, Which is situated near the middle school.

Harda was one of the larger place in the old 'Madhya Prant' and includes areof 'SiwniMalwa.' In the ascept of language ,Harda language and culture is having effect of 'Malwa' and 'Nimad'   Mainly the language which is used in Harda is known as Bhuani and  the region is called as the Bhuana area. Bhuana stands for the more fertilized land .In the south hill region of Harda we can find the Tribal ,'Gond' and 'Korku' peoples. Previously in the south region of Harda there was 'Makdai' rule and the 'Gond' king was the ruler . The 'Bihola' village of harda was the developed 'Rajaswa'  center in 'Mugal' .

प्रवेश /Admission 2018-19
  • Provisional Admission and Waiting List for admission to Class-I

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  • Notice for selected candidates for Admission to Class- I
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  • प्रवेश हेतु समय सारणी २०१८-19
  • Admission Schedule
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  • प्रवेश / पंजीकरण से सम्बम्धित जानकारी हेतु गठित समिति
Members of Admission Committee
(for any Query Related to admission)
  1. Sh. Navneet Amkahre PGT-CS (9574583820)
  2. Sh. Meetendra , PET (8224921979)
  3. Sh. G. Bankhede , Lib. (8839204240)



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